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Classy and understated. Drawing the eyes less toward the frame and more toward the painting. 



Bold by nature. Black has a punch to it's presence. Excellent for interior design and matching colours in a room. 


Natural (NEW)

All new natural frames have launched!




What is the canvas made from?

Our canvas is made from 60% Cotton and 40% Linen. By blending these fabrics in a yarn you can benefit from the stretchiness and versatility of cotton and the strength and oil wicking characterises of linen.

Are the Canvases primed?

Yes, the canvas comes double primed in a universal gesso suitable for both oils and acrylics.

What kind of wood is used for the stretcher bars?

Our canvas is stretched over pine wood stretcher bars. The bigger the size, the more reinforcement they have. 


Do you paint with the frame on?

Our frames have been specially designed to be removable. While it is possible to paint with the frame on, we recommend that you remove the frame, place it back in the box for safe keeping and then re-attach once painting is complete.

How do you remove the frame?

Each canvas is made of two frames. The inner frame which the canvas is stretched onto and the outer frame which is what you see on the wall. When looking at the back of the canvas you will see that the outer frame is connected to the inner frame by several screws. Using a Phillips screwdriver you unscrew the outer frame until it gently pops out. 

Tips for removing the frame;

- We recommend drawing a marker with pencil before you remove the frame to make sure you get the orientation right when placing back on. 

- When screwing the outer frame back on, screw each one in softly first and then tighten to your liking last. Be sure to make sure that there is an even tightness all around. The frame when correctly attached should protrude slightly over the canvas in order to protect from a face down fall.


We understand how important it is as an artist to keep your artwork safe after you have completed it. And how tricky this can be…

Every Blank pre framed canvas comes with a white unlabelled box. This box fits exactly to the dimensions of the frame and is completely blank allowing you to put your own advertising on it when it comes to selling your art.


How long will it take to receive my order?

For North Island expect between 1-3 days and 2-5 days for South Island Delivery. Canvases are dispatched from Auckland.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes it is possible to pick up your order from our Auckland store. Please email or phone prior to arrange an appointment where one of our staff can meet you there.

Can I cancel or amend my order?

Yes, please contact us as soon as you can and if the order hasn’t been dispatched yet we are happy to make changes.

Am I covered for damages during shipping?

Yes you are covered and we will replace any damaged items during shipping free of charge. Please send a photo of the packaging/damage upon arrival.

What kind of packaging do you use for the canvas and frame?

We use bubblewrap sleeves, protective corners and snug fit cardboard boxing to keep our frames safe for travel.

Check out our packaging guide to see other cool ways you can use our packaging.

Can I save on shipping by ordering multiple items?

Our shipping rates are calculated on size. This means that certain sizes are able to be packaged together to save on shipping. Please check the shipping guide attached here.